So, today marks my 1-year anniversary of beginning Power 90 and making a serious commitment to myself to get fit and healthy with Beachbody. This also happens to be my first blog post. I had been planning to get this blog set up for months, finally got the domain and set it up in wordpress last month, and didn’t do a dang thing with it after that.

I guess I was waiting for the “perfect time” to write my first blog post. “After I get this set up, or after I finish doing that…” – You know how it goes. But then I remembered that perfect timing doesn’t exist – If I keep waiting for the perfect time to write my first blog, it will never happen! In just the same way that if I would have kept waiting for the perfect time to get started on my weightloss/fitness journey last year, it never would have happened either!

Moral of the story: There is no such thing as perfect timing, so just get started today! Take action right now! Don’t let time (and your life) pass you by without accomplishing your goals and/or dreams.

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