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Happy Friday Afternoon Gratitude

As I take a short break this afternoon from working, cleaning, errands and getting ready for my house guests this evening, I am just feeling so happy and grateful that through Beachbody, I’ve been blessed with the time freedom, financial freedom, and the ability to take time out whenever I want to work on myself and my own personal development. I can think of very few other opportunities that would allow me to do that.

Two weeks ago, I spent 4 days at Anthony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within and it was a totally life-changing experience, surrounded by some of the most positive, inspiring, set-apart people ever. And doing work that few people ever do – tearing down self-limitations and barriers to going to the next level of success and fulfillment in life.

“The most powerful force in the world is the human soul on fire.” – Anthony Robbins


(Photo of me at Unleash The Power Within – captured by new friend, Sasha)

I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude remembering the experience, the things I took away from it, and the reasons being there was all possible. I also attended UPW in 2012, as a very generous gift from my sponsoring coach. Looking back over my materials from that seminar back in 2012, most of my self-limiting beliefs were about money and beliefs that held me back from fully believing that I was capable of being fully financially independent. It was amazing to see how much I’ve grown in just those 2 years — to now, where I don’t even bat an eye at inviting MY personally sponsored coaches to join me for an event like this, and spending money on flights, hotels, VIP seating, and additional seminars doesn’t even phase me like it used to. Two years after my first UPW, I AM financially independent and money is no longer an issue in my life. I’m very excited about the next step, and to see how much I will grow in other areas this year :)


“The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development. I used to say, “If you will take care of me, I will take care of you. “Now I say, I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.”

-Jim Rohn



Liz <3 



A Pill For Every Ill?

Last night, I watched the documentary, Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - VERY eye-opening! While I obviously do believe that “chemical imbalances” in the brain can exist and can be caused by a physical problem within the body, I also believe that the root cause needs to be looked at, whether that is a physical, emotional, or spiritual cause.

I don’t want to use this blog post to preach, or to share too much about my opinion or talk about the problem. You need to watch the documentary yourself. ;)

However, I will say that I am quite disturbed by the pharmaceutical industry and it’s practices. This is nothing new. And psychotropic drugs are only a part of the problem. I can remember at one time going to a dermatologist for a skin rash and they gave me an injection of some unknown drug without even telling me what they were doing, or what the drug was. I was like, “Whoa! What are you doing? What is that?” And they told me what it was, but I can’t remember now. It was probably a corticosteroid to bring down the inflammation. The doctor then sent me home with allergy medication and a topical corticosteroid cream, and prescriptions for more. I went home with 3 new drugs, just for a skin rash.  And was I ever cured? No.

It is up to YOU – the consumer – to be informed, to educate yourself, and to ask questions about what you are putting into your body and what the short-term and long-term effects are.

If I were to go to a psychiatrist today, I am positive that it would be very easy for me to get diagnosed with and prescribed medications for these disorders, and God knows what else:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.)
  • Insomnia/sleep disorders
I am also positive (especially after watching the documentary) that I would end up even worse off with the medications. So, I am extremely grateful that I was taught to think for myself and not to just do whatever everyone else is doing. Although, there was also a time when I struggled so much with the inability to focus and concentrate that I really wanted to see a doctor to get diagnosed and prescribed A.D.D. medication. Thankfully, it was around this time that I also hit my breaking point with my weight gain, and I decided to do something about it by changing my diet, and exercising 6 days a week with Power 90. The change in my physiology from those changes resulted in better mental clarity and ability to focus and concentrate, and my desire for the A.D.D. medication went away!

That’s all I have to share about this, for now. But I would love to hear your thoughts! And PLEASE watch the documentary first, before commenting :)


For more information, visit Citizens Commission on Human Rights at


Yours in Health,